Welcome to State of Wales

Welcome to a brand new site – a spin-out of Oggy Bloggy Ogwr focused on “the bigger picture”.

State of Wales is a quarterly magazine-style blog which will explore, in-depth, the major challenges facing Wales now and what Wales could and should become in the future; issues that aren’t strictly connected to everyday party politics.

Each “edition”, with around 12 articles, will be published every three months. Some of it will be topical, some of it will be opinion, some of it will be research. Each article will be put in its own category:

  • Wales Now – Topical articles looking in more detail at the bigger, overarching issues currently facing Wales, such as the economy, public spending and specific policies.
  • Microscope – In-depth articles making sense of “stories behind the stories” in a more general sense that’s not tied to politics.
  • Soapbox – Opinion/editorial and other off-topic pieces on major talking points, current affairs and other controversies in Welsh public life.
  • IndyWales – Individual articles looking in more detail at Welsh independence, nation-building and trying to start a discussion around the important questions people may have, as well as the challenges facing the independence movement.
  • Independence In Depth – Detailed series’ of articles covering a single topic, looking at what options an independent Wales may have on policy, as well as the challenges to overcome. Each will have their own section, the first one being currency.
  • Road to Brexit – Quarterly updates on negotiations and major talking points between now and 2019 as the UK leaves the EU.
  • Elections Centre (TBC) – Coverage of national elections (all-Wales coverage of local elections, Assembly elections, UK general elections) will move here. These posts won’t be bound to the quarterly schedule and will include coverage of by-elections.

Regular readers of Oggy Bloggy Ogwr know this is only the start, with the launch of another online magazine/news site focused on Welsh politics (Senedd Home) in September 2017, accompanied by a switching of Oggy Bloggy Ogwr’s focus exclusively to Bridgend.

I tried to transfer all the old (1,000+) posts, but it was simply too much hassle. So I’m going to turn the old site into an archive and gradually move some posts (particularly the independence series) over one by one.

Once all three sites are up, I’ll be putting in a more detailed wishlist of the sort of support I’m after, but if you want to make a voluntary donation now to help keep all three online, you can do so below (the Donations Policy is outlined here):