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The UK is currently in a state of constitutional torment. Not only has the future of our economy and relationship with Europe been thrown into doubt by the Brexit referendum, the future of the UK itself has too.

Some polls now suggest support for Welsh independence could be anything between 16% and 32% – numbers that had previously been unheard of. There’s still a long way to go until Welsh independence is a mainstream idea, but step-by-step, month-by-month, we’re getting there, now backed by Wales’ first organised independence movement in the form of Yes Cymru.

You’re probably here either because you’re already convinced about independence and want to look at the issues in more detail, or you’re “Indy Curious” and want a better idea of how it might work, the policy options available to Wales and what independence might mean for you, your family, your business or your community.

If you’re new to this, not ready for the heavy stuff yet and want a quick, easy to read guide I recommend starting with the following:

                      Independence in your Pocket (English – pdf)
                       Annibyniaeth yn dy Boced (Cymraeg – pdf)

It turns out starting a new sovereign country isn’t easy, but it’s also an exciting challenge. Wales can choose to learn from the rest of the world, choose to do things our own way or even choose to keep some things the same.

The most important thing – perhaps the main reason anyone supports independence – is that our future belongs to us. Only we can sort out some of our big problems on health, the economy, poverty, our creaking infrastructure and how politics works. Nobody else will ever do it for us, so it’s about time we rolled our sleeves up and did it ourselves.

That process can’t happen without you, but it can’t happen without a clear roadmap either.



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