About State of Wales

What is State of Wales?

A magazine-style blog dedicated to “big picture” issues, including major challenges facing Wales at present and Welsh independence.

Why was State of Wales set up?

The old site (Oggy Bloggy Ogwr) was inadequate because it didn’t effectively separate neutral/objective posts on Welsh politics and Bridgend from posts outwardly supporting independence. It might’ve been confusing for readers and gave a sense I didn’t know what I wanted Oggy Bloggy Ogwr to be.

Switching to a separate site not only gives me an opportunity to take breaks, but also have an unashamedly nationalist platform – where I don’t have to worry about fitting in independence-related posts around humdrum posts on the Senedd or elsewhere.

What specific topics will State of Wales focus on?

The primary goal of the site is to support the Welsh independence movement by providing well-researched articles going into detail on the ifs, whats, whys and hows of independence – listed at the Independence Index.

It would be boring if it was just that, so State of Wales will also include in-depth pieces on the big talking points and challenges facing Wales now and trying to add a bit of depth to political discussion – so you could say the site covers the state of Wales as well as the future (Nation) State of Wales.

How often will you post?

Between 2017-2019 the site was updated quarterly with 10-12 articles per quarter. From January 2019 it’ll be updated as and when I want on no fixed schedule, with posts spread out throughout the year. Some months there might be a dozen articles, other months there’ll be none.

Election coverage will be based here and if there’s a serious breaking issue that needs to be discussed and doesn’t fit in with the sister sites (the new Oggy Bloggy Ogwr and Senedd Home) those posts will be included here too. Links will be posted on social media.

How do I make sure I don’t miss an update?

Follow Oggy Bloggy Ogwr on social media (more details here), or sign up by email for updates (at the bottom of the page). You’ll be sent an e-mail every time a new article is posted.

Do you accept guest posts?

In principle, yes. Email me for more details (here), but your post might not be published for weeks or months. I also accept (and have accepted in the past) invitations to write for other publications and sites – again, email me.

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