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UK Election 2019: Why is this election happening?

(Title Image: Sky News) State of Wales’ coverage of the 2019 UK General Election starts today. I don’t know how …

Five Steps to Independence

Radical Wales: A Home For Everyone

What major sporting events can Wales host?


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Five Steps to Independence

(Title Image: via I’ve said previously that the independence movement is making strides in terms of winning hearts, but …

The Welsh Economy

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The Welsh Economy (XVI)….and Independence

(Title Image: Cardiff University) After all that, it’s time to sum up what conclusions to draw, put forward the main …

The Welsh Economy XIV: Foundations & Revolutions

The Welsh Economy XIII: Employment & Skills

The Welsh Economy XII: Growth vs Degrowth

Elections Centre

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UK Election 2019: Why is this election happening?

(Title Image: Sky News) State of Wales’ coverage of the 2019 UK General Election starts today. I don’t know how …

Brecon & Radnorshire By-Election Result & Analysis

Brecon & Radnorshire By-Election Preview

Euro Election 2019: Results & Analysis

Euro Election 2019: Candidates & Policies


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Keeping the Faith III: Cults & Extremism

(Title Image: via colourbox) Religious and political extremism is a clear and specific national security threat (Defending Wales VII). Although …

IndyWales & Weapons of Mass Destruction

Defending Wales X: Service & Veterans

Defending Wales IX: Recruitment & Training

Defending Wales VIII: Civil Defence

Foreign Policy

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Could a Celtic Union work?

(Title Image: BhzSamTheRipper via Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation Licence) Towards the beginning of January, Plaid Cymru leader Adam …

Wales & The World X: What’s Wales For?

Wales & The World IX: Our Responsibilities

Wales & The World VIII: Treaties & Agreements

Wales & The World VII: Foreign Policy & Defence

Media & Communications

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The Welsh Media XII (c): Radio, Television & Independence

(Title Image: Aphex Twin via Youtube) Last but not least, here’s a look at some of the possible permutations regarding …

The Welsh Media XI: The Press, Journalism & Independence

The Welsh Media X: Regulating the Welsh Media

The Welsh Media IX: What do other nations do?

Culture & Sport

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What major sporting events can Wales host?

(Title Image: Markos90 via Wikipedia under Creative Commons Licence BY-SA-4.0) Hosting major sporting events is a prime example of a …

IndyWales & Public Holidays

The Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Wales

IndyWales & The Football Exiles

Vice Nation: Gambling

Science & Technology

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IndyWales & National Statistics

(Title Image: Wales Online) Almost every nation in the world has an official agency dedicated to collecting and publishing statistics. …

Independence Minutiae: Antarctica

Independence Minutiae: Human Tissues Act

Life, Ethics & Independence IX – Robots & Cyborgs

Life, Ethics & Independence VIII – Cloning

Environment & Natural Resources

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Climate Change: What will Wales be like in the 22nd Century?

As well as focusing on the short and medium-term challenges on how to achieve independence, those of us who support …

Independence Minutiae: The Geological Survey

Independence Minutiae: The Land Registry

Independence Minutiae: Circuses & Zoos

Independence Minutiae: The Crown Estate

Independence Minutiae: Weather Forecasting